Our Key Services:

- Investing in Precious Metals

Dahab Masr provides its clients with investment services in precious metals, such as gold and silver bullions and coins

Gold Bars
- Secure Gold Storage

Dahab Masr offers secure storage services for precious metals in "Egy Cash" vaults affiliated with the Central Bank of Egypt

Silver colored giant safe
- Insured Delivery Services

Dahab Masr offers insured delivery services, bringing precious metals right to your doorstep

Armored car of Tiba Company that delivers money and gold

- Diverse Payments & Financial Technological Solutions

Dahab Masr provides flexible installment options and various payment methods in partnership with our financial tech solutions partners, such as "Forsa" and "Yalla Super App"

Credit cards in black wallet
- Technological and Marketing Support

Dahab Masr provides technological and marketing support to gold manufacturers, aiming to develop the precious metals market in Egypt

Technologie and programming
- Immediate Purchase

Dahab Masr ensures immediate execution and receipt of investment assets (gold and silver bullions)

Immediate Gold Purchase
- Flexibility in Transferring Asset Ownership

Dahab Masr offers its clients the flexibility to change the ownership of their investment assets as per their needs

Transfering asset
- Investment Consultations and Market Analysis

Dahab Masr offers economic consultations and analysis to help clients understand market dynamics and make informed investment decisions

Investment market analysis
- Resale Guarantee

Dahab Masr provides a guarantee for the resale of investment assets purchased through Dahab Masr at any given time

Egyptian money