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Invest In gold bars

Enjoy all the brands’ unique features in one place. Dahab Masr is the very first hub of physical gold investment products. We have gathered all the brands that produces 24 K bars in one place for you.


Dahab Masr coins investment

Dahab Masr know how is the Egyptian market prefers karat 21, the karat that is the best to use in a detailed design Dahab Masr is mixing this famous karat features with it investment service providing numerous brands & designs of gold coins.



Remote Investment

The fastest shipping Buying gold remotely is not something you think of until you order any of Dahab Masr products, Swiss gold is allowing you to order any coin or bar from your home and receive in 24 hours inside Cairo, 48 hours in any other location inside Egypt Through our own delegate.


Visionary reports upon sign up

The decision of investment into something needs to be powered by information, the info that allow you to have a clearer vision about every move you make Dahab Masr weekly & monthly report may help you to know more about gold how its transformed From being a value keeper to areal major asset. And how can you manage to get the maximum use of every price movement The report is answering question such as: when to invest? Why to invest? How to invest?