Supply and Demand Trends of Gold I Q2 of 2023

With the second quarter of 2023 ending, Gold's steady and bold performance left some marks across both global and local markets. Presenting you with Dahab Masr's analytical report of gold performance through Q2 of this year. walking you through all the changes and movements of the precious metal 

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دليلك الشامل للإستثمار

الاستثمار هو ضخ أموال في اي نشاط لخلق ارباح وعوائد. بينما تتعدد أشكال الإستثمار وطرقة و يختلف في مزاياه وعيوبه ولكل أداة استثمارية خصائصها وقابليتها الخاصة لتحقيق أرباح أو خسائر كبيرة، وقد أصبحت عملية الاستثمار غاية في الأهمية في التحديات الاقتصادية العالمية والمحلية الحالية ولكن مع كل بحث عن اداة استثمارية تجد نصائح منتشرة عن أهمية الدراسة قبل اتخاذ القرار الاستثمار.

. ذهب مصر تساعدك في هذا المقال على التعرف على اهم الادوات الاستثمارية ومزاياها وعيوبها وأفضل الطرق للتعامل معها وأشهر قصص النجاح فيه

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Gold Reserves by Country

What are Gold Reserves? 

A gold reserve is, Gold held by a nation’s central bank to back the value of its local currency, throughout the gold standard era, it was used as a guarantee to redeem intentions to pay depositors, noteholders, and trading peers. Additionally, reserves were combined by governments to meet the costs of waging war and to acquire and hold “treasure,” because the policies of the time emphasised the importance of doing so.

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Gold Historical Numerical Performance
Increased appetite for less liquid How are the alternatives doing?


After a strong 2020 performance where the price rallied 25% in US dollar terms in an environment where rates fell, gold has been much weaker during 2021, down 5% year-to-date with rising rates. While demand for gold has rebounded, particularly in the jewelry and bar and coin markets, the recent gold price sell-off has been largely driven by the sharp increase in interest rates in global fixed income markets relative to the record lows they reached last year 

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