About Dahab Masr

Dahab Masr has been studying and monitoring the Gold market in Egypt for a long time before making the decision to introduce itself to the Egyptian Gold market and the Gold investors. Based on our studies, the market was in need of a specialized company to meet the Egyptian investors’ needs in different sections.

The gold industry in Egypt can be confusing to the investors; especially first-time investors, the first obstacle that they may face at the beginning of their investment journey is misleading information.

Dahab Masr will be your credible source of clarification for every detail regarding Gold and Gold investment. We provide our investors with the latest market updates; locally and internationally, in order for all investors to have a full clear, and easy picture of Gold investment worldwide; and therefore be more precise and assured of their own decisions in the future.

If you ever wondered why the gold price is getting higher over time, why there are so many investment products now in the market having more propaganda, or felt that you cannot find an answer to a gold-related question. You are one from our community already.

For those who are already investing and always seeking consultancy that they never find in Egypt, we are here for them.

If you are a wholesaler or a refinery that cannot apply the investment principles to your client base. We are here for you.

We are binging The Real Gold investment to Egypt. we are the investment gate.


We are here mainly to accompany every investor throughout his investment journey, so our vision is centered on developing investment awareness.

Seeking Developing enlightens and changing the mindset of the Egyptian Investors, Highlighting how great are the potentials of allocating part of every portfolio in Gold.

We are aiming to provide every possible solution to the production, fragmentation distributing, buying and selling Gold to the existing commercial entities that are specialized in Bars & Coins sector.

Gold of Egypt is looking forward digitalize every commercial transactions in bars & coins.


- Developing investment awareness in the Egyptian Society

- Introducing the Investing mindset in different communities (Colleges, Schools and clubs)

- Restructuring Gold refineries and their commercial strategies.

- Modernize the way of commercial and investing transactions for both investors and corporates.

- International accreditation and partnering with international industry leaders