Who we are

Dahab Masr is a group of economists and financial experts who offer to share their profound experiences in the Gold bars and coins industry, locally and internationally in different sectors whether retail, wholesale or corporate.

Dahab Masr experts have collectively collaborated in order to serve the Egyptian Gold market, correct several misconceptions about gold investment and take this investment mindset to a whole new level of expertise.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on the gold investment industry in Egypt by increasing investors’ awareness in order to hold the gold investment to its international accustomed state; the state that made Gold the safest and oldest investment over history.

What we do?

Sell and buy gold bars and coins to both corporate and retail.

Provide the Gold industry with the latest investment solutions.

Develop “Dahab Masr” platform to be the main leading source of credible information and practice all types of commercial transactions.

Collect data about the Egyptian economy and the retail investors’ behavior.

Get refineries the necessary requirements in order to help them be accredited and verified from all the leading institutes and to hold them a chair in their conferences and meetings as well as provide them with the latest markets updates and insights.

Digitalize Gold to cope with the E-commerce world and facilitate its delivery.

“An important note to Dahab Masr community is that we keep our services and activities completely away from online trading, as it contradicts to both cultural and legal backgrounds of our company. As we believe that Gold was and will always remain a long-term investment that is used to protect a portfolio and cannot be turned into a source of a rapid return.”