Who we are:

Dahab Masr was established in 2021 as a leading patriotic Egyptian company in the field of precious metals investments. Our main initiatives include.

Democratizing Access: We strive to ensure that all individuals have opportunities to invest in the precious metals sector, regardless of their financial background.
Financial Inclusion: At Dahab Masr, our core mission is to empower all individuals, particularly those overlooked by the mainstream financial system. We're dedicated to helping these individuals secure their financial futures.
Investor Education: We equip clients with the knowledge and insights required for informed decisions, utilizing the latest data analysis techniques and technologies.

Investment Security & Ethical Compliance:

At Dahab Masr, we prioritize regulatory compliance to safeguard investments and protect personal data. Our key commitments include.

Adherence to Regulatory Guidelines

-Highest standards of regulatory compliance
-Strict adherence to KYC guidelines and anti-money laundering regulations
-Alignment with legal framework and anti-terrorism efforts
-Promotion of financial transparency and integrity

Islamic Sharia Compliance

Dahab Masr ensures that our precious metals investment approach does not contravene Islamic Sharia. Our framework includes a deep-rooted ethical foundation, stringent avoidance of Haram activities, and active engagement with Dar Al-Ifta Al-Misriyyah for Sharia compliance.