Artificial Intelligence Opens New Horizons in Gold Investment with 'Dahab Masr' and 'GuRow'

In an unprecedented move, 'Dahab Masr,' the leading company in the precious metals investment sector, announced its collaboration with 'GuRow,' a leading financial technology application, to bring a qualitative leap in the field of gold investment. The application enables the use of advanced artificial intelligence technologies and precise data to analyze the gold market movement and present safe investment opportunities for everyone.

The application is distinguished by its ability to enable users to easily follow gold market movements and invest in it. It offers diverse investment prospects, including other assets such as stocks, aiming to diversify the investment portfolio to reduce risks and increase profits.

Dr. Fady Kamel, CEO of 'Dahab Masr' and a member of the Board of Directors of the Cairo Gold Trading Chamber, emphasized the importance of this partnership. He pointed out that 'Dahab Masr' aspires to expand its operations in the market through the use of modern financial technology and artificial intelligence to provide advanced investment services. These steps are part of the company's commitment to supporting the Egyptian economy and enhancing Egypt's position as a key center for gold investment in the Middle East and North Africa.

Hajar Ghoneim, the Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors of 'Dahab Masr,' explained that since its establishment in 2021, the company has significantly contributed to transforming the Egyptian precious metals market from its traditional form to a more developed and organized one. She noted that the use of the latest technologies and financial technology tools by 'Dahab Masr' through partnerships with various companies has effectively facilitated the process of investing in gold, making it accessible to different segments of society, thereby enriching the Egyptian leadership's efforts to increase financial inclusion rates in Egypt.