Amr Fouad: "Dahab Masr is dedicated to streamlining processes and offering comprehensive services to clients, ensuring a secure and straightforward approach to investing their funds in gold."


Dahab Masr, the prominent company specializing in precious metal investments and leveraging financial technology in the local market has entered into a strategic partnership with "Kash Now," a financial technology solutions company and one of the financial holding companies. The goal is to provide an easy and innovative way for investing and purchasing gold, offering a distinctive experience for customers. The signing event was graced by the presence of Amr Fouad, "Dahab Masr's" General Manager, and Amr Salem, CEO of "Kash Now."


The partnership aims to provide all facilities for "Dahab Masr" clients to invest in and purchase gold through the "Kash Now" application, ensuring ease and security in completing their transactions. Dahab Masr will also offer various gold weights for purchase, starting from a quarter gram, giving customers the flexibility to choose according to their financial capabilities. Additionally, the option of delivering gold to their homes will be made available.


Amr Fouad, the General Manager of "Dahab Masr," stated that “the company is working diligently to facilitate its clients and provide all possible services that enable them to invest their money in gold safely and easily.” He emphasized that “forming partnerships that meet the aspirations of clients is a priority, offering gold investment services through the "Kash Now" application is a significant step towards simplifying the financial lives of citizens, reflecting "Dahab Masr's" commitment to providing exceptional services that contribute to enhancing investment opportunities and increasing financial inclusion.”


Fouad added that “the collaboration with "Kash Now" will provide an innovative and unique way to access the gold market easily, expressing his great satisfaction with this fruitful collaboration for all parties involved.”

Amr Salem, the CEO of "Kash Now," mentioned that “the company is dedicated to enhancing financial inclusion and offering innovative financial services, believing in the importance of directing these efforts to support the Egypt's digital transformation initiatives.”

Salem conveyed his honor in collaborating with Dahab Masr, emphasizing that “Dahab Masr holds a prominent position in its industry. And this partnership shows our commitment is to create a unique investment experience for clients of 'Kash Now,' offering them the chance to invest and buy gold. Moreover, the convenience of using the Kash Now wallet for payments will simplify the purchasing process, ultimately reducing time and effort for them."


It is worth mentioning that this partnership is a significant step towards fortifying the Egyptian economy, enabling citizens to benefit from new and innovative investment opportunities. It also reflects economic progress and enhanced financial inclusion in Egypt, contributing to an improved quality of life for citizens by broadening the spectrum of investment choices.