Gold investment platform Dahab Masr signs a partnership with PaySky and Yalla Super App

For the first time in the Middle East and Africa, "Yalla Super App" launches "Yalla Invest" service for investing in gold. 

Fadi Kamel, CEO of Dahab Masr, “We are happy with our strategic partnership with PaySky to encourage investment in gold in Egypt and the Middle East.”

Walid Sadik, Founder & CEO of PaySky & Yalla Super App, stated that our partnership with "Dahab Misr" aims to expand the scope of financial services for users of Yalla Super App, and we expect a significant return on the economy and society. 


Cairo, February 7, 2023: PaySky, the leading digital payment solutions provider and the technology operator of Yalla Super App, announced a partnership between the electronic investment platform for gold investment in Egypt and the Middle East, "Dahab Masr," as one of the services offered by Yalla Super App called "Yalla Invest." This will be the first service to enable users to invest their funds in gold with easy and fast procedures, allowing them to buy and invest in gold starting from just 0.25 grams, and providing digital payment solutions for all users quickly and securely.


"Yalla Invest" service comes as part of Yalla Super App's expansion strategy, which aims to provide a wide range of financial and non-financial services to financial institutions, merchants, companies, and individuals as a contribution to achieving economic prosperity for society and achieving welfare for users. This confirms PaySky's role in providing all payment solutions for those interested in investing in gold.


The new service provided by Yalla Super App will help customers to invest their small savings in different areas, starting with gold through simple and easy steps; simply choosing the desired weight and carat and completing the purchase process securely.


In this context, Dr. Walid Sadik, Founder and CEO of PaySky and Yalla Super App, said, "We are pleased to complete this partnership with Dahab Masr with the aim of improving and expanding the scope of financial services for customers beyond traditional solutions, to provide financial services and alleviate the pressure on savings in the face of inflation, to help achieve financial security and promote electronic payment and investment culture for the future." He added that "Dahab Masr" strategy is in line with the "PaySky" and "Yalla Super App" strategy, which aims to provide high-value solutions that work to elevate the financial technology ecosystem and enhance financial inclusion to meet customers' aspirations, pointing out that by joining this service to "Yalla Super App", we will succeed in providing a wide range of financial and non-financial services in one place, opening up new horizons in investment finance.


Fady Kamel, CEO of the investment group in Dahab Masr, said, "We have strong confidence in signing this partnership for the quality and excellence of the technological features and services provided by "Yalla Super App", which are in line with our strategy to stimulate investment in gold throughout Egypt and the Middle East by making digital financial transactions smooth and secure, and easily accessible. He added that this partnership will enable us to facilitate customers in making investment decisions that enable them to invest in gold with small amounts, emphasizing that this is a direction that "Dahab Masr" is working on, to encourage all investors to keep their money and savings amidst the economic fluctuations that the world is currently experiencing.


It is worth mentioning that "Yalla Super App" has 30 diverse features and services to provide financial and non-financial solutions in Egypt, including bill payment services, e-commerce, booking travel for domestic and international trips, ordering medication, sending and receiving money, in addition to other services.

By cooperating with financial institutions, central banks, and companies in 11 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, PaySky succeeded in providing its diversified services, which revolutionized digital payment solutions that were well received by all users and witnessed by all operators.